Welcome to RussianBlue.com. This is a Web site about the Russian Blue breed of domestic cat. Since the domain russianblue.com was first registered and went online in 1998, it has been, it remains, and it will always be (under its current owners) a non-commercial portal of information which respects privacy and does not track its visitors except to count the number of hits using a basic counter.

There are many sources of information online about Russian Blue cats. If you use a search engine and search "Russian Blue" you will find them. Here are several of them that we can recommended.



A useful Web site originally started in 1998 by dedicated Russian Blue aficionado Jay Lehman. Note: On August 5, 2019 this site was down. A WHOIS search confirmed that the domain russianblue dot org has been registered through January 2020. Hopefully the site associated with the domain will be back up soon.


The Russian Blue Cat by Eric Johnson

Johnson's informative 1996 FAQ-article about the Russian Blue cat breed


The Russian Blue Breeders Association (RBBA) of the UK

The RBBA links page


Below are two photos of a Russian Blue cat named Ekaterina (1999-2010), as a young kitten and as an adult cat. Ekaterina came from the cattery of the late Ingeborg Urcia, Ph.D., the extraordinary woman, educator, and influential friend and popularizer of the breed who literally wrote the book about Russian Blue cats. Ingeborg's cats won many awards and although Ekaterina never competed in cat shows, she typified the exceptional characteristics (in both her temperament and appearance) of Ingeborg's line of Russian Blue cats.

Ekaterina the Russian Blue kitten age two months


Ekaterina the Russian Blue cat age seven years


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